Docker Burp Server

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Burp is a network backup and restore program. It attempts to reduce network traffic and the amount of space that is used by each backup.


docker create \
    --name="burp-server" \
    -e VERSION=latest \
    -v /path/to/config/dir:/etc/burp \
    -v /path/to/backups:/data \
    -p 4971:4971 -p 4972:4972 \


  • -e VERSION - specifies which version of burp to install on start
  • -p 4971 -p 4972 - the port(s)
  • -v /etc/burp - Configuration file location
  • -v /data - Location for backups
  • -e ENABLE_CRON_DEDUP=1 - Enables burp dedup (default: true) - optional

Otherwise you can use docker compose. Just edit the docker-compose.yml file and run docker-compose up -d burp-server to start the server in the background.

It is based on alpine linux with ssh disabled, for shell access whilst the container is running do docker exec -it burp-server /bin/bash or with docker compose docker-compose exec burp-server /bin/bash.

Setting up the application

See the docs


  • You can now pass the version of burp to install at runtime using the VERSION environment variable
  • The docker image is now based on alpine linux and configs are now located in /etc/burp.
  • To monitor the logs of the container in realtime docker logs -f burp-server or with docker compose docker-compose logs -f burp-server.

Version History

  • 1/31/2017 Dynamically install burp versions without needing to pre-install burp for each docker container version
  • 09/12/2016: Base on Alpine Linux w/ ansible provisioning
  • 07/12/2016: Inital Release